State Sport Centres Trust (SSCT) are proud to be leading the way in best-practice Australian sport facility management, through our commitment to continuous environmental improvement across our venues.

SSCT include environmental management initiatives and incorporate environmental management as one of four key areas against which the success of SSCT will be measured.

The strategies address the operation of:

The objective of these strategies is to develop an environment management and operation plan that is best-practice in Australian Sport Facility Management.

This Environmental ResourceSmart Strategy, along with the 2011/13 Strategic Plan is the foundation critical for achieving our environmental objectives. The following provides examples of our committment and progress to date as a resource smart organisation.

SSCT's Commitment

Our Environmental Strategy includes:

  • Participation in the Sustainability Victoria ResourceSmart Program with established environmental plan,

  • Investment in infrastructure and education to deliver Closed Loop recycling with a recycling target of 70%,

  • Operation of a Water Map strategy to reduce water consumption.

Environmental opportunities

SSCT is currently investigating opportunities for further environmental initiatives including the innovative application of technologies to improve water management, energy consumption and waste management.

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